Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Sun

In keeping with my child's-eye view of the world, I humble myself further by confessing to you my curiosity about the sun. I'm sure I studied these things in grade school, but since I didn't really care at the time, I didn't retain it very well. I recently read that you could fit well over a million (closer to 1,300,000, actually) Earths inside the sun, and am rather embarrassed to admit that I was very surprised. I've been trying to comprehend this vast difference ever since, and I seem to have trouble just getting my mind around how big the sun actually is.

The sun was very low and red the other day, and muted somewhat by the haze that hung over the metroplex. I kept stealing glances at it, disregarding the one thing I do remember from grade school ... never to look directly at the sun. It was just so pretty, and I was trying once again to get a feel for just how big it really was. I was moved to try to find out just why I'm not supposed to look at the sun anyway, and after some effort, found this article, if you're curious:

Just reading the article, I was becoming convinced that I had spots in my vision, though I might also be able to attribute that to staring at this screen instead of sleeping.
So then I was wondering, if the sun is a ball of fire, or even a ball of gas that is on fire, why doesn't it burn out? Well, it will, actually. Eventually. I found my answer here:

I feel as though I'm a grade school student all over again.


Anonymous Claud said...

Well thanks hun, reading that gave me something interesting to think about and figure out. It was neat to be able to actually see what the size difference really was. And this was from something that you say wasn't "redeeming" to write. HAH! lol

Keep up the good work, maybe you might decide to put down your thoughts about the topic we'd discussed. I'd be interested to learn what your perspective is on that.

11:28 PM  

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